This is the rules and policies of the wiki:Dragonvale chat wiki

  • Wikia policies state that a user must be over 13 years of age to use the chat.
  • No spamming (posting comments etc. excessively) or trolling (faking stuff, making false stuff up) when in the chat or when making/editing a page.
  • No creating false accounts or imitating other users.
  • No abuse, harrassment or racism ANYWHERE on the wiki. This may result in a permanent ban.
  • No edit wars; they take ages to sort out and end up messing up the page
  • No copying from any other wiki (word for word), though DO take inspiration and contribute
  • Use the chat properly, and understand that Chat Moderators/Admins can ban you at any time for the right reasons (breaking these policies).
  • No acting like a Moderator when another is present, this includes enforcing these policies excessively or threatening to ban someone.
  • No spamming in Private Message (PM) if both sides don't agree to do so. IF this happens to you, take a screen shot [Print Screen on PC, Home and Lock button on iDevice] and send it to an admin, but also block their PM as well.
  • No abusing caps in chat. It is called "yelling" and is just as bad as spamming.

Stick to these rules, and you won't have anything to worry about!

Duties of Staff

Chat Moderators:

Make sure everyone is being polite and not spamming, if they are, tell them to stop. Give them 2 warnings, then if they still oppose, kick them. Any other times after that, ban them according to this:

  1. A 2 hour ban
  2. A 2 day ban
  3. A 4 day ban
  4. A week ban
  5. A permanent ban


The same think as chat mods except

A 2 hour block

A 2 day block

A 4 day block

A week block

A permenant block


Your dutie is to rollback bad edits and vandalism